Saturday, April 25, 2009

Walt Barrett's Global Automotive Maintenance Services news letter

We have decided to publish the first issue of our news letter on this blog so that we can inform as many people as possible about our impending large scale business expansion. Future issues will be sent to our dealers only because they will contain a great deal of valuable marketing information. I'm trying to get an idea how many people are actually interested in our expanded automotive maintenance services program. We already have a great many users of our battery products world wide
The outline of the new expanded automotive services services operation is below.

Welcome to the first issue of our Walt Barrett's Global Automotive Maintenance Services news letter!
You are receiving this news letter because you have purchased battery reconditioning chemicals through our Internet marketing Program. We are going to explain our new expanded services program to you, and we are going show you through these Dealer news letters how to get more customers, and to market your new services to them. We will be using the written word and videos to supply the necessary training.
Again, this will only be available to our dealers whom purchase all of their Battery Reconditioning Supplies from our company

First of all, I will offer a brief description of some of the services we are going to start off with. We will offer the following through our web sites, and forward the sales leads to our dealers in the particular areas where the sales leads come from.
We will cover and train you in all of these services in detail through our newsletters, videos, and photos.
Here is a brief outline of our expanded service program
First, you must Maintain a detailed service record for each customer including mileage and date of services, fluids added, and filter changes, body damage or body corrosian noted etc.

1. Complete battery inspection and repair services.
2. Tire and brake inspection services including checking for brake fluid leaks at each wheel.
3. Engine Cooling System Inspection including hoses, belts, water pump, and radiator.
4. Air cleaner, gas and oil filter inspection.
5. Brake and power steering fluid check and service.
6. Check and add engine and transmission oil as needed.
7. Complete cleaning of interior and exterior.
8. Engine tune up and electrical service only if you are qualified
Each service has a separate billing charge.
All of these services can be for either private customers,or fleet service customers like truckers, cabs, rental cars,used car dealers delivery fleets, etc.
It is very important to realize that each year both private individuals and large fleets spend millions of dollars on unnecessary repairs caused by lack of proper maintenance. (I just gave you your main selling point.)
Another selling point is that many of the more simple services can be performed at the customers home or place of business. You can work out a practical work route so that you are not roaming all over the city. You can also offer pick up and delivery.

You will be representing “Walt Barrett's Global Automotive Maintenance Services”. The name Walt Barrett is wildly branded on the Internet as is A to Z Global Marketing Inc. and . All are known to be an honest and fair operations. This should be a major advantage for you. We will expect you to maintain our reputation. There will be a working agreement between us if you use our branding and training. In order to support the marketing and training programs,videos, and news letters, and gather sales leads etc. we are going to have to charge each dealer a small percentage of their sales which is going to be discussed with each dealer so we can arrive a fair figure for all.
Most new dealers usually ask me where they can find customers. I am going to cover that very thoroughly for you. in our private dealer newsletter. Finding customers is easy if you have the right product or service cat the right price. We will show you what to do.
We will also be supplying you with as many customers as possible from our web sites.
I think this is enough to absorb for today.
Please comment back to me and also ask questions, I need to gauge your responses and tailor the program to your needs.
Walt Barrett President
A to Z global Marketing Inc.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A New And Profitable Automotive Maintenance Business For You by Walt Barrett

Welcome to our new automotive service business blog which will serve as an introduction to the expansion of our twenty-five year old and very successful battery reconditioning business which is expanding so rapidly it is getting hard to keep up with. There will also be a private news letter available to all of our battery rebuilding chemical customers. The news letter will contain the latest technical and marketing data available only to our world-wide dealer network. If you are not a current customer you may contact me for more details.
I would like to invite all of our current chemical customers to sign up for the Dealer Newsletter if you are interested in our greatly expanded new program. Please contact me at
Now let me explain a little about our new expanded business program. This is a really green business in so many ways because it addresses several major pollution problems, and wear related to motor vehicles. We are going to train our dealers how to perform and market several simple, but major very profitable motor vehicle check up and service points that require very little equipment to perform. By performing these simple and quick checks you will be saving customers thousands of dollars in unnecessary parts replacement and repair labor. Once people find out about your services they will be eager to pay you for your services because you will be saving us money. You will be able to tell your customer and prospective customers that you are part of a global automotive preventative maintenance net work . I am not going to disclose a lot of our marketing details here. If you are interested please contact me at my address above. You can make money with us, and all we ask is that you purchase your battery chemicals from us. It all begins with the battery service but goes far beyond. More news is coming very soon. We are going to show you how to make money with our proven techniques. I'm offering you a new future if you have the determination to move forward. There are no fees involved! You will be part of a huge network. I have attached a free battery service training video just to give you an idea of our support services.