Thursday, September 26, 2013

Battery State of Charge and Specific Gravity (SG) Readings by Walt Barrett

    You can compare the specific gravity reading of a battery to the fuel gauge on a car. Let's use electric golf cart or electric forklift batteries for examples. A lead/acid battery pack that is fully charged at a specific gravity of 1.265 has much more electricity (energy) stored in it than a battery pack with a specific gravity reading of 1.200 which is very low. It's like going from full gas tank to an empty gas tank in terms of fuel. Batteries are rated in amp hours of storage. The more amp hours of electricity stored the more fuel you have in your tank so to speak. Batteries with high amp hours of actual energy stored will propel your vehicle further than batteries with very few amp hours left in storage.
As a battery ages it loses efficiency. Contributing factors to the loss of efficiency in a lead acid battery are low water, not using distilled water, over charging, under charging, improper charging, sulfation, damaged battery acid, short circuits, mechanical failure dirty contacts and broken wires. The output voltages on your battery chargers should be checked often.  We prefer flooded lead/acid batteries with service caps with the emphasis on service.

When used with the proper service our additive products Battery Chem and Battery Balancer can double or even triple the lives of your heavy duty batteries.
   In order to maintain your batteries properly you will need an inexpensive specific gravity tester and a volt meter.  
We carry these items along with our battery additives at 
   Here is a very useful video to show you our testing method.
We can double and in some instances even triple the live of your deep draw batteries.

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