Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Choosing And Maintaining Your Solar Electric System and Battery Pack by Walt Barrett

   The cost of Solar Electric modules has been dropping rapidly as more and more countries have been  mass producing solar modules and more efficient mass production techniques.  Having over forty years hands on experience in the solar energy field I would like to make my readers aware of several important facts concerning solar hardware.  Solar Electric systems are not very complicated so I'll make this short and sweet.
   When purchasing the solar modules and related hardware you should always deal with a company that can supply references from many legitimate satisfied customers.  Secondly, the product should be certified and have the strongest possible warranty and not a lot of tricky legalese. The same goes for the solar inverter.
 Third, the installation contractor should be a licensed trained individual with several references. 
   If your solar electric system is the type that requires solar batteries your choice of batteries is very important.  If you want the batteries with the longest life then only purchase batteries with service caps so that they can be properly serviced with deionized water monthly and battery life extenders can be added.  When we autopsy batteries that have failed prematurely we almost always find it is because the batteries have run very low or out of water.  Make no mistake that by using deionized water only you will greatly extend the life of these very expensive batteries.  
   We have manufactured an additive product for 27 years that definitely helps to prevent sulfation, extends battery life, and also removes sulfation during subsequent charges.  We also sell veryinexpensive water deionizers.
In cases of battery failure due to sulfation we have a record of 70% success rate in restoring sulfated batteries.  We also use our product, Battery Chem on electric forklift batteries, electric golf carts, automotive, marine and truck batteries.  We cannot repair shorted or broken battery cells. They are replaceable on large commercial batteries.  
   Our company provides 100% free battery manuals and training videos at  .  The information that you will find there can double or even triple the life of your expensive solar batteries.  We also provide free customer phone support weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Companies Wasting Millions by Walt Barrett

  I have not seen too many large and successful companies that aren't interested in saving several  million dollars over a five year period and yet they go on year after year wasting their money simply because someone is not doing the proper maintenance on  the lead acid batteries that are used to do most of the material handling in their factories and other facilities. 
   We have clients who have as many as 3000 electric lift trucks spread over as many as 50 warehouses. The Batteries in these trucks can easily cost $6,000.00 each to replace.  Now with proper care these batteries can last as much as 14 years.  The problem is that in many cases these batteries are destroyed in as few as 2 years.  Why is that you ask? The one word answer is NEGLECT!
   We can show you a maintenance program on our free videos and free training sheets that can be learned in one hour and over the course of several years will save you millions of dollars if you are the owner of a large fleet of these electric vehicles.  Let us train your people free and be there five days a week to provide them  free telephone technical support.  Don't let lack of training and just plain carelessness and neglect cost you millions. Please check out our free training program at