Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today I want to talk a little about finances. by Susan Blair

Today I want to talk a little about finances.

Are bills piling up? 

Does it seem like you will never get caught up

Well now there is hope. My friend and inventor of Battery Chem, Walt Barrett has been thinking of ways to make even more money from his product, and it came to him that the expensive ForkLift Batteries out there, could be reconditioned, saving the company money, and also making you more money than you every thought you could make, just by reconditioning these batteries that are found in every large and small business in your own home town! Walt shows you how to start your very own business.  Just think…… 

You can become the master of time and money rather than bills ruling you. The thing about stress is that it's psychological. This business using our product Battery Chem, gives you powerful information and training to get you into your own business, and rid of the stress of losing your job and not having enough money at the end of the month to pay your bills.  

You will be able to focus on doing what you want to do, working the hours you choose to work, and taking your family on the vacation you have been promising them for years.  And maybe buying the new car you and your wife have been wanting for so long.  

You will be making positive changes in your financial future, and you can do it if you just take the steps that Walt outlines for you on the website. Look at the site, watch the videos, not just once, but many times, until it sinks in, and you feel confident enough to go out there and recondition your first forklift battery for a local company.

Stress can be debilitating, but this business will teach you to move past the stress and focus on improving your finances by starting your own business. 

* Imagine paying off bills. 

* Imagine paying down credit card debt. 

* Imagine having a large savings or investment

All of this could be possible if you follow the free information and training that Walt gives you on the site. But, information is only good if you act on it, and you have to take the next step and watch the videos and start mailing out the flyers we supply you with, knocking on doors, and making phone calls to get companies interested in what you have to offer.  

You are going to save them thousands of dollars in new battery expenses.  Your $500.00 service call is going to look like a “bargain” to them, when you explain what you are going to do.

Walt could charge for this information, but he doesn’t!  
Why, because this is his way of helping you when times appear
to be rocky and you need a break. Also Walt wants to sell our product Battery Chem, and that’s the truth.  He wants you to succeed in your business, and buy more Battery Chem.  That way, it is a win/win proposition.  You and your
family wins, and Walt wins because you buy Battery Chem from him.  Forgot to also mention that Battery Chem is a “green” product, it keeps the batteries out of the landfill before their time, which is good for our environment too.

Your new business will enable you to experience all the benefits that financial freedom has to offer, so why not give me a call after you have looked at the website and watched the videos.  What do you have to loose?

Go see --


Warm Regards,

Susan Blair

PS - Invest just a few hours of your time looking at our site, and this
website will arm you with the tools you need to
transform your finances once and for
all. Please go see for yourself --


"Battery Chem will not work with shorted, or totally worn out batteries.
Our success rate as reported by users is approximately 70% of properly tested and prepared batteries, and by using Battery Chem the users automatically release the manufacturers and distributors of Battery Chem from any and all liabilities including any injuries suffered from improper use of the product, or use by untrained persons, or personnel."