Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stop Bleeding Money and Save Your Company Money - No Snake Oil Sold Here by Walt Barrett

   Something that you may not be aware of is that lead acid forklift batteries are composed of 2 volt cells arranged in series of 24, 36, or 48 volts and just because one or more of these 2 volt cells is weak or shorted out it does not mean that the battery is junk and you have to replace it at a cost of thousands of dollars. There are small companies that can test each cell, locate the bad ones and remove and replace the bad cells at a far less expensive cost than replacing the entire battery.
   We are currently building a directory as a service to our Battery Chem customers so they can locate the nearest forklift battery repair company to them whether they purchase our products or not. We are already shipping plenty of product every day as it is.
   Battery Cell failure is strictly a maintenance problem.  Many of these failures are caused by SULFATION AND BAD WATER.
   In these turbulent times for small businesses with many just hanging on by a thread. Imagine having a very important shipment all packed and waiting to be loaded into a shipping container backed up to your loading dock waiting for you to load it and sent to the port. It must leave that day to make the ship on time. You  are a small company and only have the one forklift and suddenly in your moment of need you find that your help has been ignoring it and mistreating it very badly. You discover that the battery is dead becausethe proper maintenance program has not been followed. There is no way you can use the forklift and a new Battery can cost $6,000.00 because when they are cooked they are cooked!. This is not a pretty picture and we see this all the time.  
   Battery Chem is not Snake Oil !  Battery Chem is rapidly coming up on 30 years of successful business.  If we were selling Snake Oil this could never have happened. Battery Chem can double or even triple the life of large forklift type traction batteries and has  revived 70 percent of the weak batteries that it has been applied to. 

   This whole scenario can easily be avoided if you use our free lead acid battery service training program. Let us train your help for free and show them the proper service procedures and chemicals to double and maybe even triple the life of your batteries. FREE TRAINING WORLD WIDE www.BatteryChem.biz
There are many free training videos for you or your employees to watch that will save you thousands of dollars and a lot of grief too.  Please visit       www.BatteryChem.biz
  You may speak with Walt Barrett in person at 1-401 725 8141 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 AM to 4 PM Eastern Standard time in the USA  or email him at: wbarrett1@aol.com